Mist of Minds reveals new places for you in a completely different, innovative manner. We are convinced, that for a modern travelers, usual tours and excursions are way too trivial and have to be filed as a history. Three main words to explain Mist of Minds tour are – Quests, Atmosphere and Alcohol. Experience the best service a country can possibly offer, engulfed with a mist of alcohol. This trip will always stand out among all the others.

What is it all about?

We are creating individual experience based on your preferences, where you are the main character of the Story.
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Taking care about each aspect of your trip
Unique Storyline
Events and environment depend in you
Quest Adventure
We tell stories in a way you will never forget
Insightful Leisure Pursuits
You don’t spend a second of thinking about what to do
Highest Class Cuisine
The quality of our dishes and drinks cannot be overemphasized


The choice of atmosphere is the most important aspect of trip planning. To create a perfect vacation specifically for you, – we need to know your expectations from this journey.


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