The choice of atmosphere is the most important aspect of trip planning. To create a perfect vacation specifically for you, – we need to know your expectations from this journey.


Party atmosphere tells its own tale. Only the most interesting facts that suit any taste, maximum entertainment, a balance between traditional drinks and modern cocktails.


     If your intention is to learn as much as possible about Georgia and it’s culture, – this atmosphere is for you. The primary focus here is on smart humor and riddles, more quests and historical facts.


Mystic atmosphere encapsulated the most incredible legends and myths. Based on the local rumors and ancient scripts, this story will uncover for you a true soul of Georgia.



How does it feel – to be surrounded by like-minded people in any country or city? Try it out! Experience these positive vibes, and sway the history of your own Alco-Family, with only your friends included.

P.S. In case you have children – better leave them at home 😉


Immerse yourself in the unforgettable adventure purely for your couple. To make discoveries in a romantic entourage, – isn’t it a true intimate secret, comprehensible only for the two of you? Share the dearest events between you and they will carry your passion for years through the tempest of time.

All-girl party

There are occasions when you just have to cast your care aside. Who could stand by your side at these times, other than your dearest soul-sisters? Bridal shower, birthday party or any other cause for rejoicing would become a truly notable event. Have a holiday surrounded by the magnificent nature, unique places and exclusive cuisine amongst your friends and delicious wine!


We are creating an incredible aura for any group of gentlemen. You want to feel like a real Georgian highlander? You are welcome. A remarkable wine maker? Easy enough. Maybe something else? The sky is the limit.  Come over, you will be amazed.